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restaurant Navadhanya
review date February 2016
value for money
price £40 (including tip)
comment The restaurant has a nice atmosphere and very welcoming staff who made us feel welcome. It wasn't especially busy and it seems small so I don't know how the place would cope with the Friday evening rush.

Pre-starters were very good. The pappadums were crisp and not too oily while the dips were interesting and tasty (mango chutney, spiced tomato and onion). The amuse bouche (a deep fried potato croquette) was very good and a pleasant pre-main bite. The only half point I'd knock off would be for the size of the pappadums. They were a bit small.

I had the Malai Tikka to start with, which was almost faultless. The chicken was mildly spiced and well cooked but was paired with a coriander sauce that complemented it extremely well. The Railway Lamb Curry I had for seconds was fine, but it didn't compare well to those I've had elsewhere. While it had clearly been slow cooked for a long time and was very tender it was a bit short on flavour and the sauce was too runny to justify its presence.

Sides were very good. Some of them were too runny (Tarka Daal) but the Saag Paneer was very good and rather outshone the main. The Naans were good to excellent.

The biggest downside to the restaurant was the price. £40 is a lot for a curry and I didn't think the mains really justified the price, especially given the size of the portions and the not-especially-good ratio of sauce to meat. On the plus side the starters were great and the staff are very friendly.

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