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restaurant The Spice Pavilion
review date January 2016
value for money
price £30
comment I had prawn puri for a starter, which would have been delicious if the prawns weren't over cooked - very tough and chewy.
Main course, prawn , wasn't flavourful at all and again, prawns were very tough and chewy. Very disappointed.
Service wasn't great. We were split into two tables and the first table got served straight away, taking orders for food and drinks. We eventually got a waiter to come over and someone asked for beers, which he took the order for and walked away, without asking what non-beer drinkers wanted!
Once we finally ordered the food it took them until just before our starters to come out before they took our menus away. By then the first table had long finished their starters. There was a lot of confusion when they were bringing the mains out and someone had to wait an extra ten minutes whilst they went away and made their main because they wrote her order down wrong.
At the end we split the bill evenly, which, I understand it's hard to work out what everyone owes in such a big group, but there were some people who drank 4/5 beers, and others who had one soft drink, therefore I wasn't pleased I had to cough up the same amount as the drinkers, which was also super expensive!
I only rated the atmosphere as high as I did because the people I was with were fun and made the night ok.
Very disappointed with the Spice Pavilion and didn't see how it could win so many awards.

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