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restaurant Saffrani
review date July 2011
value for money
price £24.00 (including tip)
comment Poppadoms were crispy & dry and not oily, plenty of pickles - Lime one was the best!

Chicken Chat starter - cooked well, served hot and tasted great.

Chicken Shahjani main - Spicy but not overly hot to taste, which appealed to me. Chicken was tender and tasted marinated. All main course dishes served on our table were not oily.

Cannot complain about the service at this restaurant - starter took 45 mins to arrive, however they were catering for thirteen of us and there were other diners in too. Atmosphere would suit a small group of family or friends who wanted to go for a meal and be able to hold good conversation. Pleased I went as this is one of those side street venues that newbies and visitors rarely get to know about!!!

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