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with an average price of £22.00

reviewer Derek Stronach
review date January 2010
price £22 (including tip)
comment Went to Imans as part of group of 10 on a night-out with my fellow Monday night footballers, so a good chance to assess the restaurant in a similiar situation to a CTCT visit.

We all had a £20 per head deal of poppodums, mixed starter and our own selection of main course with rice and naan bread.

The pops were ok, but we only had mango chutney and onions for dips. I wasn't impressed that there was no lime pickle or with what was supplied.

The mixed starter included a seikh kebab (that was a bit cold), vegetable and chicken pakora and a vegetable samosa. My overall recollection of all of them was distinctly average!

For my main course I had an Achari Ghost (lamb with lime pickle). I really enjoyed this dish when I've had it before from the Raj and as a takeaway from Abida but I found this version to be quite poor and a little bitter for my taste. Also the lamb was quite tough and chewy. I didn't think it was at all good!

On the plus points it is a BYOB place and the service was friendly and pretty quick considering the restaurant was pretty busy but I wondered afterwards if the quality of the food suffered because of all the throughput.

All in all my overall impression was a very disappointing one. It all seemed a bit generic to me and if we were eating another cuisine it wouldn't have been out of place. You certainly don't feel you're in an Indian restaurant and they even had a TV tuned to Sky Sports News in the corner!

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