27th January 2010 : Restaurant Of The Year (2009) : Khushi

The first Crewe Toll Curry Tasters outing of 2010 was to the restaurant that was voted 2009 restaurant of the year, which was Khushi in Broughton Street.

A very nice meal had again by all and they were presented with a certificate to proudly hang on the wall. Here's Brian Tilley presenting:

2009 Restaurant Of The Year

-- Gavin

11th January 2010 : A New Calendar

Happy New Year to all of the Crewe Toll Curry Tasters!

We're only into our 2nd week back at work of the new year and already the curry website has been a hive of activity: voting for the 2009 restaurant of the year went to a re-vote and the ultimate winner was Khushi in Broughton Street. Also this year's calendar is already booked up to August with some old favourites and several new restaurants:

We'll hopefully see some good crowds this year at curry evenings.

-- Gavin

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