History of the Curry Club Crewe Toll Curry Tasters

Question 1 : What do you do when you are working 230 miles from home, staying in digs and want to go out for a meal (preferably a curry)?
Answer : You ask round at work to see if anyone fancies joining you.

Question 2 : What do you do when you run out of people to ask and nobody on your list can get a pass-out?
Answer : Find a way of expanding your list of friends.

So in 2002 I decided to go public and try to get people (anyone in the company) interested in forming a Curry Club. Soon regular events were planned for the last Wednesday in every month. The "Club" was becoming more popular than I imagined.

Notification of events was initially with posters pasted on kitchen notice boards.

The first website wasn't really a website, but some html files on one of the company file servers. It soon became apparent that not everyone could see the folders in which the files resided. So the pages were hosted on a clandestine linux box attached to the Site Network.

With the advent of CSC IT management, the web server (orange) was given more formal status and has even been upgraded a couple of times. The web pages continued in their somewhat rudimentary form.

Fast forward to 2008.

The Curry Club has gone from strength to strength.

50 plus members on the mailing list (including some who no longer work at Selex) and some turnouts of twelve or more on Curry Club nights. I continue to be amazed that the Club is still viable after all this time. This was the year when we (Gavin Cameron and myself) decided to update and expand the web pages.

Pictures & maps were added for restaurants & pubs and Gavin produced PHP scripts to automate the generation of many of the pages like the Calendars. Finally a reviews page, along with the ability to submit reviews via the web pages was added, giving us the ability to record what we thought about each restaurant.

The pages are now a useful resource for anyone looking for somewhere good to go for a curry. In addition there are recipes, Health Information and Curry Tastes abroad pages (and more). But, the pages were still a little dated in their appearance.

So 2009, a new year and Gavin has stepped up again to completely re-vamp the web pages (thereby showing off his web scripting skills) and ... The Crewe Toll Curry Tasters web site is born.

Welcome to all existing Curry Club members, and to any first time visitors to these pages.

Your participation is important, we need you to :-

  1. Keep turning up, there's nothing worse than eating out by yourself.
  2. Keep sending reviews, recipes, Curry Club abroad reviews, new restaurant sightings.
  3. Introduce new members, we survive by word of mouth.

See you at the next Curry Club, I mean Crewe Toll Curry Tasters event!

-- Brian Tilley (founder of the Crewe Toll Curry Tasters)

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