The Taj Mahal (Corralejo, Fuertaventura)

Report by Brian Tilley (March 2004)
The Taj Mahal

Now I just know that you're going to ask why was I looking for an Indian Restaurant in the Canaries?

The answer's simple. I was away for two weeks and I wasn't going to go without a Curry for that long!

We finally spotted this restaurant down a back street off the main square in Corralejo Old Town.

Now, if you want a cheap meal, eating curry in foreign parts is often not the way to go. This place proved to be no exception. The meal for two (including drinks) cost 44 Euros (about £30) which may not seem a lot compared to the UK, but is way above the 25-30 Euros we spent on meals elsewhere in the resort. Still a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do!

We started with a couple of Samosas each. These were great and we began to realise that maybe this would be a really good meal after all!

For the Main course we chose Vegetable Rogan josh, Chicken Madras, Tarkha Dhall, two pillau rice and a garlic Naan.

The portions were not large and it's just as well we'd ordered the Dhall side dish and the Naan or we may have been left a little hungry.

As usual the meal was washed down with a couple of large beers each.

The flavours in the curries were superb. I can honestly say that I've rarely experienced a better curry anywhere in the UK. The Madras was hot without just tasting of Chili and the Rogan Josh complemented the Chicken dish rather than fighting it to see which was hottest. As I said the portions were not overgenerous and the big eater may have had to order another Main Dish. But overall the food was great.

So, in conclusion:

Expensive (Yes but only compared to other restaurants in the area).

Portions slightly on the small side.

But flavours to die for.

Overall I recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting Corralejo in Fuertaventura.

Marks out of 10 --- 8

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