The Camel Hotel (Sharm El Sheik, Egypt)

Report by Brian Tilley (November 2004)
The Camel Hotel

Situated just 200yds from Naama Bay Centre in Sharm El Sheik is the CAMEL DIVE CLUB and HOTEL. By day it's just another small hotel offering Diving Facilities. BUT, by night, it's enclosed courtyard is transformed into an Indian Restaurant.

As usual abroad, the cost of Indian food is a little more expensive than other restaurants. But the price is still significantly less than we pay in Edinburgh.

The restaurant itself is reached through the entrance lobby of the Camel Hotel. This means negotiating the ubiquitous Airport Metal Detector (All hotels have them here). Once inside, the setting is superb. Indian Drapes, subdued lighting and mood music make the ambiance just right. The restaurant is very popular and we were lucky to arrive just before a rush of custom which filled the remaining tables and created a waiting queue. We ordered Beers while we examined the menu.

We ordered Samosas for the starter which arrived just as we finished the Poppadoms which were provided gratis. The samosas were hot in temperature and spices, an excellent start to the meal.

For Main course we ordered a Vegetable Jalfreizi and a Rogan Gosht (Lamb). In addition we ordered pillau rice for two and side dishes of Tarka Dhall and Mushroom Patak. We were pleased to find that a gap was allowed between courses during which we topped up our local Sakara Gold Beers. The main course was superb. The only complaint was that there was just too much (Not really a complaint then!!). The Lamb was cooked to perfection and the flavours were out of this world.

Once again we had found a good Curry abroad. Lucky really as we never saw another Indian restaurant during our stay in Egypt. The final price was a an amazing 239.4 LE (Egyptian pounds). With the exchange rate at 11.4 LE to the UK pound that meant the total bill was £21.00p (including drinks), great value for money.

Marks out of 10 --- 9

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