Jewel Of The North (Ferringhi Bay, Penang, Malaysia)

Report by Brian Tilley (November 2012)
Jewel Of The North

Situated on the main street in Ferringhi Bay, this Restaurant was just a short walk from our hotel (ParkRoyal Hotel).

On our first visit we ordered a Vegetable Jalfrezie, A Chicken Sagwalla, Aloo Ghobi and pillau rice plus a garlic Naan. The portion sizes didn't look that large, but we found that we had definitely had enough to eat by the time we had finished (Something to do with the ambient temperature perhaps). The Jalfrezie was brilliant, a spicy hot and tasty dish. The chicken Sagwalla was a little to creamy for my taste, but an interesting dish. The Aloo Ghobi was superb, just how we like it. The only down side was the fact that they didn't do Tarkha Dhall, Only Makhani Dhall which I'm not keen on. The owner and staff were friendly and service was excellent. Overall 4 out of 5 for the Food.

The bill for the evening (including a couple of Tiger beers each) was around £15.00p

We returned to this restaurant a second time later in the holiday. This time we replaced the Chicken Sag with a different Chicken dish, no cream this time. I'm afraid my memory fails me and I camn't recall the name of the dish. I do remember that it was spicy and went very well with the Jalfrezie, which was superb again. 5 out of 5 this time and the price around the same as before.

In addition to Indian Curry dishes, the restaurant also served Thai and Malaysian dishes. However, we didn't get around to trying these.

So, in conclusion:

Friendly Restaurant with excellent food at reasonable prices. I would recommend this restaurant if you go to Penang.

Marks out of 10 --- 9

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