East Meets West (Calangute, Goa)

Report by Brian Tilley (November 2008)
East Meets West

This was the most "Up Market" restaurant we used in Goa. But despite that, it proved to be only a little more expensive than most of the other restaurants. Where it beat the others was in the sheer class of the surroundings. It also boasted the most extensive menu we encountered during our two week holiday as well.

The first night we went there, we ordered far too much food. The portions were enormous and I was almost bagged out after the starters. This was a mixed pakora which could have been eaten as a meal by itself.

For the main course I had ordered Chicken Jalfrezie with side dishes of Tarka Dhall and Aloo Gobi. Gina ordered a Fish Curry and we ordered one boiled rice and a garlic naan.

Once again the portions were huge. The Aloo Gobi was the size of a large main course and it tasted wonderful. The Jalfrezie was nicely hot and had me hiccupping after the first bite. Gina's Fish Curry was milder but still very tasty. The Tarka Dhall was just how we like it with loads of garlic.

Just as well we only ordered one rice as the portion was huge. One of the waiters told us that the rice portions were reduced for westerners and that Goans ate much larger portions of rice every day! Goodness only knows where they put it!

The naan bread was delicious and was drenched in garlic butter. We were filling up fast and eventually had to admit defeat. We'd taken a lot of time trying to eat as much as possible, but at no time did we feel pressured to vacate the table. We could have stayed on as long as we wanted.

The price of a large bottle of Kingfisher was 80 rupees. That was about £1-00p. Probably the most expensive bottle of Kingfisher we bought during the holiday! Not that you can call it expensive compared to £4-50p in a UK restaurant.

The final bill (Meal and beers for both of us) was around 1400 rupees, that's around £17-50p (at 80rupees to the pound). This was the most expensive meal we bought in Goa, driven mostly by the fact that we over-ordered the food. Despite trying very hard, some of the food got sent back.

On subsequent visits we forgot the starter and only ordered a single side dish. The bill reduced to around £12-00p and we still had more than enough to eat.

The restaurant is actually open air in a courtyard/tropical garden. Subdued lighting, plenty of space between tables and live music most evenings made this a great place to enjoy a leisurely meal. The picture below shows one view of the restaurant area.

East Meets West Interior

You can see more pictures on their web-site.

So, in conclusion:

Classy Restaurant with great food at reasonable prices. A real treat that's still affordable to UK holidaymakers.

Marks out of 10 --- 9.5

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