Cafe Lazy Days (Baga, Goa)

Report by Brian Tilley (November 2008)
Cafe Lazy Days

Situated right next door to our hotel (Colonia Santa Maria) in Baga, Cafe Lazy Days was too convenient to pass by. Besides which another guest waxed lyrical about their food whilst we had a pre-dinner drink at the hotel bar.

The restaurant was the best looking place around Baga and had around 8 tables inside with a further two tables in their (rather small) garden. The following picture shows the inside (before diners arrived). In fact on most evenings the place was full. So it became necessary to arrive early or book ahead.

Inside Cafe Lazy Days

Unlike East Meets West, which was only too pleased to let us order too much food, the owner of Cafe Lazy Days was quick to tell us that he thought we were over ordering. Fortunately we took his advice as the portions were much bigger than we expected.

On our first visit we ordered a Vegetable Curry, A Fish Xacuti, Tarka Dhall and boiled rice plus a garlic Naan. Both of the curry dishes were on the hot side of medium. The Fish Xacuti stood out for me as it is only the second curry dish based on Coconut that that I have eaten that managed to be anything but bland. (The first was the Kerala Chilli Chicken at Mya, see the restaurant reviews). The dish also had plenty of fish and was generally superb. This place definitely scored 5 out of 5 for everything as the remaining food hit all the right spots as far as taste was concerned.

The bill for the evening (including a couple of Kingfisher beers each) was around £11.00p

We returned to this restaurant several time during the holiday as it definitely served the best food at a reasonable price. We were always welcomed and the service was better than at any other place we visited.

This restaurant served several dishes we didn't see anywhere else. Our favourites were:-

  • The Fish Xacuti (see above)
  • Prawn Caffreal. Prawns served with spinach in a really good spicy sauce (bizarrely served with chips).
  • Aloo Gobi. Come to think of it, this dish was good wherever we had it.
  • Chicken Caffreal. (Did I mention the Caffreal sauce was really good?)
  • Goan Fish Curry Rice. Not quite as hot as Bosco's version, more subtle use of spices.
  • Vegetable Curry. A spicy dish containing a wide variety of well cooked vegetables.

In addition to Curry dishes, the restaurant served a variety of other meals to suit the less adventurous western palate. So if your partner doesn't like curry, it doesn't matter. I didn't try any of these, but the food I saw served to other people looked great.

If ever I'm back in Baga, then I will make a point of revisiting this restaurant.

So, in conclusion:

Friendly Restaurant with superb food at sensible prices. I would recommend this place to anyone.

Marks out of 10 --- 10

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