Bosco's Beach Shack (Baga Beach, Goa)

Report by Brian Tilley (November 2008)
Bosco's Beach Shack

Yes it's a Beach Shack and in most resorts the idea of eating an evening meal in a place like this would not normally create any enthusiasm at all!

But we (My wife Gina and I) had been travelling (from the UK) for hours and hours and we couldn't be bothered to walk further than the beach (right next to our hotel).

We could have chosen a number of Beach Shacks, but Bosco's was closest, had more customers than the others and they had a two for one on bottles of Kingfisher for the next two hours (Nuff said).

They say that "When in Rome etc....", so we decided to try one of the local dishes. Both Gina and I chose the Goan Fish Curry Rice. The menu said it was very spicy, so we ordered plenty of beer just in case. We also ordered some of the local paratha bread to mop up any of the sauce that may be left over. In the event, we didn't really need this because the rice portion was gargantuan, but it turned out very nice and got eaten anyway. Gina chose Salmon as her fish and I chose Kingfish. there were other selections including swordfish and others I can't remember.

The menu had a selection of curry dishes (both meat and fish) and an even larger selection of barbecued meats, plus a number of non-curry fish dishes. There was plenty here to keep most people happy, even a couple of vegetarian curries (Note. Goans are mostly NOT vegetarian). What I saw of the food served to other people looked excellent.

The price of a large bottle of Kingfisher was 70 rupees. That was about 90pence, and we were getting two for the price of one (bargain).

The Goan Fish, Curry, Rice is a very popular local dish. A piece of fish was served (fried in spiced breadcrumbs) on a bed of salad. A large bowl of curry sauce accompanied this and to our surprise contained a significant amount of fish chunks cooked in the sauce. The whole lot was accompanied by the rather large serving of rice.

As stated on the menu it's very spicy, so not recommended for those who don't like really hot curries. The sauce was Red in colour and contained a good helping of Chilli along with other spices in a tomato base. The fish was superb (both the fried fish and the fish in the sauce) and the sauce, though hot, was excellent too. The portions were easily large enough to remove the need to order more food.

The price so far (Meal and two beers each) was just over 600 rupees, that's around £7-50p (at 80rupees to the pound). So of course we had to stay for some more beer. If this was an indication of what was to come during our holiday, then we weren't going to be spending much money on food and drink.

As we sat enjoying our beers, the sun sank down towards the horizon providing a spectacle which we got to love during the rest of our stay. Even though we ate elsewhere quite often, there was always time to have a beer and watch the sunset sat at Bosco's before going out on the town.

Sunset at Bosco's

So, in conclusion:

Really Cheap, Good Value food. Well worth a visit if you ever go to Baga Beach.

Marks out of 10 --- 8

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