Crewe Toll Curry Tasters Calendar 2004

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Date Venue Rating Organiser Pre-Meal Drinks in
28th January Winner of the CCROTY in 2002 & 2003
The Himalaya The Himalaya www
171 Bruntsfield Place,
Edinburgh, EH10 4DG map
0131 229 8216
(33 reviews)
Brian Tilley
The Golf Tavern The Golf Tavern www
30-31 Barclay Terrace,
Edinburgh, EH10 4HR map
0131 221 5221
25th February
Far Pavilions Far Pavilions
10 Craigleith Rd,
Edinburgh, EH4 2DP
(No reviews) Helen Forrester
Raeburn House Hotel Raeburn House Hotel www
112 Raeburn Place,
Edinburgh, EH4 1HG map
0131 332 7000
31st March
The Maharajah's The Maharajah's
17-19 Forrest Road,
Edinburgh, EH1 2QH
(No reviews) Gavin Cameron
Doctors Doctors
32 Forrest Rd,
Edinburgh, EH1 2QN map
0131 225 1819
28th April
The Indian Cavalry Club The Indian Cavalry Club www
22 Coates Crescent,
Edinburgh, EH3 7AF map
0131 220 0138
(No reviews) Dominik Bodi
Haymarket Inn Haymarket Inn
11-14a West Maitland St,
Edinburgh, EH12 5DS map
0131 228 2537
26th May
Bay of Bengal Bay of Bengal www
164 High Street,
Edinburgh, EH1 1QS map
0131 225 2361
(14 reviews)
Brian Tilley
The Malt Shovel The Malt Shovel
11-15 Cockburn St,
Edinburgh, EH1 1BP map
0131 225 6843
30th June
The Raj The Raj
87-91a Henderson Street,
Edinburgh, EH6 6ED
(No reviews) Brian Tilley
The Waterline The Waterline
58 The Shore,
Edinburgh, EH6 6RD map
0131 554 2425
28th July
Morningside Spice Morningside Spice www
74 Morningside Rd,
Edinburgh, EH10 4BY map
0131 447 8787
(No reviews) Brian Tilley
The Kings Bar The Kings Bar
69 Bruntsfield Place,
25th August Winner of the CCROTY in 2004
Ignite Ignite www
272 Morrison Street,
Edinburgh, EH3 8DT map
0131 228 5666
(17 reviews)
Frances McQuade
Haymarket Inn Haymarket Inn
11-14a West Maitland St,
Edinburgh, EH12 5DS map
0131 228 2537
29th September
Gandhi's Gandhi's
50 East Fountainbridge,
Edinburgh, EH3 9BH
(No reviews) Archie Connell
Hogshead (Bread Street) Hogshead (Bread Street)
30-32 Bread St,
27th October
Nine Cellars Nine Cellars www
1-3 York Place,
Edinburgh, EH1 3EB map
0131 557 9899
(11 reviews)
Joern Kutscher
The Conan Doyle The Conan Doyle
71-73 York Pl,
Edinburgh, EH1 3JD map
0131 557 9539
24th November
Tippoo Sahib Tippoo Sahib
129a Rose Street,
Edinburgh, EH2 3DT
(No reviews) Jean Houston
Hogshead (Rose Street) Hogshead (Rose Street)
133 Rose Street,
Edinburgh, EH2 4LS map
0131 226 1224
29th December *** Christmas holiday special ***
Modern India Modern India
51 West Regent Street,
Glasgow, G2 2AE
(No reviews) Frances McQuade
The Auctioneers The Auctioneers
6 North Court,
Glasgow, G1 2DP map
0141 229 5851
Meal is always booked for 7-30p.m. pre-meal drinks from 6-30p.m.
*** For special outing meals, check with organiser.

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