4th August 2010 : Web Site Update

Gav has done it again !

Keen to keep improving the nature of our web resources, Gavin has updated the Restaurant Pages to include Google StreetView pictures and Google Maps for as many restaurants as possible.

Now, assuming there is a StreetView picture for the restaurant, instead of the pictures we used to have, you will find that the restaurant page has a split view with the upper half showing the StreetView picture and the lower half showing the Google map of the location.

New restaurants and restaurants in pedestrian areas retain the old picture format until google get their act in gear.

The original Maps can still be viewed by clicking on the map icon in the review list.

AWESOME stuff Gav :o)

Future Events

The next venue is another new restaurant Club India in Lothian Road.

So prepare to sign up and I'll look forward to seeing you all on August 25th.

The organiser will be announced soon.

See the Calendar page for more details.

-- Brian
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